enjoy and achieve

L O G . I N

Helping children to enjoy and achieve is a continuous process. Before the baby/toddler starts at Pippins a meeting between the parent/carer and the key person takes place so that the child’s unique and particular needs are understood, taking into account diversity and background so that appropriate planning can be made for that child’s development. This dialogue between the parent/carer and the key person continues the whole time that the child attends and is hugely valuable for both parties, creating a triangle of care and trust between child, parent/carer and key person.

The Montessori environment is designed to support each child’s needs helping the children to accomplish their goals at their own pace.  Carefully designed natural materials provide opportunities to meet the children’s developing interests and satisfy their enquiring minds. The calming atmosphere is positive and supportive which helps develop a healthy happy self-image. 

The children will have the opportunity to be creative on a daily basis, with art, craft, music and movement and messy play all being provided as part of the routine. The child led environment will provide opportunities for choice. There will be areas for the children to be quiet and reflective as needed.

Children will see that they are valued by the displays of their own artwork and photographs of them engaged in various activities. The children are given time to respond to open ended questions and given lots of opportunity to express themselves through songs, music and dance. Within the Montessori environment children are encouraged to put away the equipment they have been using in order for their friends to access it after them. Our children will be encouraged to care for their environment in this way and staff will be positive role models to this effect.

Learning and play equipment is sourced from a whole range of areas to suit the needs of the children with staff adapting and creating equipment/activities as required. The equipment reflects the sensorial needs of developing babies and young children and the room layout will facilitate discovery.

The outdoor space is a valuable resource and seen as an extension to the rooms. As Pippins Nursery provides waterproof suits for each child, they will all be able to access and engage in exciting activities whatever the weather.

The basis for all of the opportunities and activities arise from continuous observations of children by their key person and their ability to monitor the child’s development and identify the next steps on the child’s learning journey. If the need arises the key person will seek advice from the SENCO and if necessary other professionals to provide for any child identified as having special educational needs.

At Pippins we provide an indoor and outdoor environment which is enabling, inclusive, safe, challenging and stimulating and in which children can meet all the outcomes of the EYFS.  This special environment  provides opportunities for children to move around and explore their surroundings, helping to develop their confidence and self esteem. Our key practitioners support their key children’s learning across the curriculum, nurture their personal and social development and foster their ability to become independent learners. The environment provides opportunity and experiences for children which are fun and enjoyable and which enable the developing senses.