be healthy

L O G . I N

Being physically healthy is not simply about healthy nutritious food, but includes a clean, safe environment, mental stimulation, access to the outdoors and loving relationships.

Babies and children thrive when their physical and emotional needs are met and at Pippins great emphasis is placed on providing our children with opportunities to access activities and experiences outside in all weathers.  The Montessori ethos encourages children to care not only for themselves, but for their environment. Your children will be able to achieve this by using a range of equipment for gardening, planting seeds and watering the plants and by becoming involved in activities based outside.  Children gain a sense of well-being when encouraged to help with manageable tasks that interest them.

Babies and toddlers are taken out for walks around the setting which provide opportunities for gross motor development and physical challenges appropriate to their age. They are able to access sand and water play which provides opportunities for the development of both fine and gross motor skills. Our Montessori approach encourages natural play both inside and outside.  

The nursery has a Healthy Eating Policy.  Healthy, balanced and nutritious meals are provided by the nursery kitchen.  Our cook liaises with staff to ensure that all the children’s individual needs are catered for. The children are provided with a mid morning snack, a mid afternoon snack and a high tea. Our children are encouraged to make choices and become aware of their needs with regard to food and drink. Our toddlers are encouraged to manage their personal hygiene with regard to hand washing and nose blowing.  Staff  facilitate childrens’ learning in this area.

For babies and toddlers rest and sleep is very important.  We provide a separate sleeping area where the children have the opportunity to rest and sleep as required. Coracles and mattresses are provided and each child has a named bedding bag for storing linen. Comfort objects are given at the parents/carers’ request.

If a child is taken ill parents/carers are informed by telephone immediately, and after consultation and discussion a plan is made for the care of the child.