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The building is designed on two levels: one is a gallery, with natural light flooding through the floor to ceiling windows, allowing views across the countryside.

The adjacent playground has an abundance of activities incorporated within it. It is an extension of the classroom. This, combined with walks through the surrounding fruit orchards, allows children numerous opportunity to learn from the natural outside world.

The classroom and everything within it has been designed with children in mind. Materials are available to the children all the time, both the specially-designed learning materials and also paints, scissors, water and other items. The Montessori approach to education focuses on children’s innate desire to learn and their enormous capacity to do so when provided with the right environment. Most items are child-sized, from dustpans and brushes to brooms, boxes and water jugs, enabling the children to use things easily. Our caring, watchful teachers ensure each child reaches his/her potential without any unnecessary constraints from the adult world.