a Montessori ethos

Encouraged to learn through choosing, trying and doing themselves, children develop confidence, self-esteem, respect and interest in people and the world around them. This confidence-building approach to learning harnesses the immense capacity of children to absorb information when given the freedom and independence to learn at their own pace.

Everything within the Montessori nursery reflects a commitment to quality and to the children's ability to do things for themselves, recognising their wish to learn and be busy and realise their full potential.


Individual planning for each child provides the appropriate opportunity for that child where learning is invited rather than imposed, encouraged rather than enforced. This leads to the development of initiative, independence, concentration, project completion and social interaction.

At Pippins the range of learning and experience is broad. Fulfilling all the requirements of the EYFS it focuses on developing practical, sensory, language, maths, cultural and creative skills. Activities provide a broad platform of skills and knowledge that supports future learning.

The clean, bright and spacious classroom provides opportunities for the children to move freely and interact easily with their peers and teachers, selecting and returning activities throughout their day.


History, science, art, cooking, music, singing, dancing, forest school, sport and yoga are all included in the daily planning and swimming is available as an extra. The fabulous outside area provides an extended classroom which can be enjoyed all day by the children as they pursue and explore exciting activities. Even in the rain, children can be found outside, under the covered area, enjoying activities.

The quality of materials with which the children interact is important and the relevance to their developmental stage is essential. Materials are beautifully made, simple and pleasing to work with. Experienced, qualified and caring practitioners are on hand to guide the children and support their individual learning assisting them when needed and allowing them to work independently as well.