making a positive contribution

L O G . I N

At Pippins we value the contributions made by every child, parent/carer and professional to help enhance and maintain our inclusive nursery setting.

Pippins has a Special Educational Needs and Disability policy which supports and ensures the inclusion of all children. The Staff Team are consistent in their approach to managing behaviour so the children have a clear idea of what is expected. The nursery has a strong working relationship with parents/carers and values all their comments and views.

As and when appropriate the children are given opportunities to take some responsibility, by giving out snacks and putting work into their own drawers.  We believe that each child’s potential must be accessed and we provide opportunities for the children to develop trust and autonomy that in turn leads to a growing confidence and self-esteem.

Parents are of course the child’s first educators and practitioners work closely alongside them in order to help a child to realise their full potential.  Parents will be given suggestions for activities and experiences to provide at home which will re-enforce the ‘focus’ in the nursery so children learn that what they do is valued by staff and their families alike.

Opportunities to share and join in are valued by all the staff. The babies and children will spend quality time with their key person giving them a sense of belonging and allowing them to express themselves to be listened to and to feel valued.

The Montessori Cultural curriculum introduces children to a plethora of activities that help to develop their understanding of the wider world.  Many activities are used to build their understanding of other Countries, Cultures and people. Parents and the local community will be sourced for cultural knowledge to enhance the children’s understanding and knowledge. Children will be presented with positive images in books and displays.